Financial Training for Nonprofit Managers

  • Through the Institute for Finance and Entrepreneurship’s Nonprofit University, we are proud to offer a full spectrum of financial proficiency and planning courses for nonprofit executives, boards, and staff.

    Our courses are designed to help build financial proficiency and business acumen in nonprofit leadership and to help create sustainability in nonprofit organizations.

  • Clicking these links will bring you to our list of financial course descriptions that can be offered to your organization onsite. Call us to schedule your next training.
  • Financial Proficiency Curriculum
  • Nonprofit Organization and Program Feasibility Curriculum

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Nonprofit Sustainability


Is Your Nonprofit Sustainable?

How confident are you that your nonprofit is sustainable and not on the brink of failure?

Take our Sustainability Assessment and find out.

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Custom Solutions for Your Organization


If you don’t see what you need from our on-demand on on-site courses, or our sustainability and planning solutions, we can customize our courses and services to meet your needs.

We can customize course content for your organization or custom brand the course.  We can also customize our sustainability and planning services to match your requirements, and can provide coaching and mentoring to assist with development and growth.

If you don’t see what you want, call us and ask.  We can figure out the details.





The Keys to Sustainability

Learn the keys to a creating and maintaining a sustainable nonprofit.

Keys to Sustainability

Sustainability Solutions

The Nonprofit Sustainability Planning System offers a Level I and Level II assessment of organizational sustainability and a the tools to develop a sustainability action plan.

Sustainability Solutions